+170% online sales from our optimization of Google SEM campaigns

Number of employees

25 to 100



Type of campaign





Province of Quebec

What was
the project?

For Chaussures Fillion, Search Engine Marketing was not an unknown territory, but they lacked the time and expertise to bring their campaigns to the next level. They needed help to boost their online sales, so we went all in without hesitation.

The Strategy

The first step was to analyze their current SEM campaigns. From there, we extracted and kept what was performing well and identified where our opportunities for optimization were.

Based on active listening and analyzing these precious pieces of information, our approach allowed us to create new ads to let Fillion Shoes get the best ROAS possible.

Chosen Digital Marketing Platform

How did we optimize the efficiency of the campaign?

Restructuration of all SEM campaigns on Google Ads

Better targeting of geographic areas by putting most of the budget in the cities that are bringing the most conversions.

Analysis and continuous improvement of keywords and their match types for each ad group.

Exclusion of costly keywords that bring little or no results, as well as irrelevant queries

Continuous improvement of the copywriting and CTA’s (Call to Action) to ensure relevance with the related keywords.

Implementation of seasonal bidding scripts and seasonal labels, allowing all campaigns to stay relevant throughout the year.

The Results


Important boost of online sales

By opting for a “Conversion Maximization” bidding strategy and testing several variations, the number of online purchases climbed by +170% compared to the previous period.

8 to 11.5

Better ROAS

By constantly refining our strategy and implementing adjustments based on precise analyses, we improved the company’s Return on Expenditure (ROAS) from 8 to 11.5 compared to the previous year. This crucial indicator shows how optimizing paid advertising campaigns can lead to a significant improvement in ROAS.


Significant revenue growth

An approach based on meticulous data analysis has led to significant revenue growth, with an increase of +130% compared with the previous period.