Stand out with creative advertising



Type of campaign

Lead generation


Quebec and Ontario

What was
the goal?

L5-S1 is a private back medicine clinic in Quebec City that offers innovative treatments to relieve back pain. The challenge was to stand out in a very niche market, with a target audience of 50 and over, both in French and English.

Our collaboration with the L5-S1 team was aimed at raising awareness of the L5-S1 Clinic’s services and increasing the number of consultations across Quebec and Ontario.

The mandate was divided into 3 services:



Content creation

Chosen digital marketing platforms

The Strategy

What’s better than humour to stand out from the crowd

When creating their advertising concept, we chose a less conventional path in the healthcare field by opting for a more human and humorous tone. Using humour not only connected with the target audience in a creative and memorable way but also boosted engagement and conversions.

The Creatives

First wave of visuals

We first created visuals that presented happy people with an active lifestyle with whom the target audience could identify.

They were able to quickly see the benefits of a better quality of life thanks to the services of the L5-S1 Clinic. This first step instantly led to an increase in campaign interactions and conversions.

Old visuals

New visuals

The Creatives

Second wave of visuals

By adding a touch of humour and pushing the concept even further, we were able to capture and retain the attention of the target audience as much as possible.

This series of short humorous videos has achieved phenomenal results compared to the industry and previous campaigns.

Discover here the visuals that performed best during this campaign:

The results

The results demonstrate the importance of innovating with creatives who resonate with your target audience in an advertising campaign. This more “human” strategy radically transformed the campaign’s effectiveness and reinforced the brand’s authenticity.


click-through rate for Facebook Ads, an increase of 125%!


click-through rate for Performance Max, an increase of 400%!


Performance Max conversion rates, a 750% improvement


reduction in cost per Google Ads conversion