Boost brand awareness and revenue with digital marketing

Number of employees

25 to 100



Types of campaign





Lead generation and appointment booking

What was
the project?

Already having a strong online presence, SURMESUR turned to PLG for the management and optimization of their digital marketing.

The project had three phases:

Digital marketing campaigns focusing on zones around the physical stores across the country.

Diversification of digital ad placements to boost brand awareness.

More efficient digital marketing funnel and data analysis.

The Strategy

First step: assessing the campaigns already in place and the results of the past years to have a clearer picture of what had to be done.

For this project, the goal was to diversify advertising placements while maintaining a straightforward user journey and a digital strategy that is measurable and profitable.

Chosen Digital Marketing Platforms

The Solutions

On Facebook and Instagram, the targeted audiences were specific to Surmesur’s marketing funnel and were separated into three distinct groups:


  • Cold audiences were in place to boost brand awareness.
  • Lukewarm audiences were people who knew the brand but who hadn’t had any interactions in a while.
  • Warm audiences were made of remarketing audiences.

The ads’ visuals and copywriting were adapted for each one of these audiences.

For YouTube, our videos were shown to an audience targeted based on precise interests and located close to a Surmesur store. We also had a remarketing campaign.

Lastly, our SEM campaigns on Google Ads allowed us to reach people who intended to buy Surmesur products or were looking for the types of services they offer. The ad groups were organized in an easy way to manage the budgets per type of service and targeted area. We also implemented seasonal bidding scripts and seasonal labels, allowing all campaigns to stay relevant throughout the year.

The Creatives

Different types of visuals were used for the campaigns, but we mostly used videos because they inspire more and encourage people to make a conversion action.

On Facebook and Instagram, we focused on Instant Experiences, where we could show users the products associated with the visuals.

The Results


Leads generated on the landing pages


More traffic on their website versus last year


Better conversion rate on the landing pages